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Friday, 15 November 2013

Sari's are one of my all time favourite type of Indian Wear, Its because to me they just ooze quintisential elegance, I mean think about it, there is something seriously flattering about the simple draping of a Sari and the complex simplicity it exudes. This garment is so diverse, as it it literally flatters women of any age. 

I started wearing saris when I was 17, now 22, it's something I jump  at any chance to wear, and with the recent renovations it's been getting it's my go to choice of Indian wear. Masaba Gupta famed for her talented use of eclectic prints, has led the pack, with her famous Pac Man print sari, Lipstick print sari for Satya Paul, her Fan & Machine print clad clothing both recently debuted at Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week. Masaba dared to stray further from the classic idea by introducing knit wear blouses paired with contrasting colour and print saris. These bold changes scream youthful fun, and as someone in there early twenties it something I'm always looking for In order to keep things fresh. 

Designers such as Atsu. Payal Pratap, Anamika Khanna and Sonakshi Raaj are also mixing up this traditional Indian garment, incorporating more western designs, Atsu showcased long line blouses and Peter Pan collars and Sonakshi Raaj, mixed complicated body pieces with simple Pallu's. Changes like these are fun and daring and challenge the basic concept of a sari. 

Take some inspiration from the images and give it a go when getting ready for an event next....

Payal Singhal's quirky one sleeve blouse & sari is look your love or hate, personally I love it! 

Deepika Padakoune in a Sonaskhi Raaj creation...

Payal Singhal's elegant creation looks incredibly effortless...

Atsu's long line blouse, is classic, with the waistline embellishment and contrasting stripe sari is sleek and sophisticated...

Tarun Tahiliani's beautiful high collar saris, look timeless...

Sonam Kapoor in Sonakshi Raaj unique sari, which looks sensational...


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  2. All of these are beautiful!
    Stunning girls <3
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  3. Thankyou for you lovely comment! I agree both are stunning!


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