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Monday, 27 January 2014

Amrita Thakur has fast become one of my favourite designers for a number of simple reasons, firstly she knows 'how' to dress a women, by that I mean she knows how to create an outfit that flatters a women, secondly she creates clothing that is 'wearable.' These two factors together create a magical combination for women everywhere. 

Her collections have graced Lakmè Fashion Week numerous times now and if your not familiar with her work, you should be! Her aesthetic tastes are simple and elegant and she epitomises the concept of ''less is more' to a tee, her pieces look deceptively simple but when wear them, they give you a air of confidence that says 'yes I really do look this fabulous!', she pairs simple silhouettes and designs with plain borders and embroidery, duputtas are lightly covered with work and simple patterns. Amrita Thakur turns the word simplicity into an art form, but the key to her pieces are the wearability, her pieces are neither fussy or over worked they are exactly as they should be, timeless and fun, a combination that is rare to come by! Her ability to create pieces that are so gorgeous is exactly why you should bear her in mind when shopping for a wedding or festival next! 

Here are a selection of a few of my favourite pieces...

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