Fashion is a language of the world that means different things to everybody, everywhere and blogging has become a way of life for many to speak their opinions and show their passions. Through my blog I look back to my roots and explore fashion, beauty, accessories and style on an international platform, as a ‘CitiGirl’ focusing especially on the Indian Fashion Circuit I hope to introduce new perspectives, opinions, styles and designers to you, my readers.

I’ve always believed style isn’t just something you either have or don’t, I think it’s a tool for people to explore and learn more about themselves but also a tool for people to learn and develop a style and more importantly an opinion, I believe everyone should have an opinion on everything, you’ll either love something or you won’t! But you should feel confident in knowing that it doesn’t matter either way! That’s what 'CitiGirlScene' represents, an opportunity to form an opinion, to fall in love with new visions, designers, new ideas and inspire a confident attitude in your choices!

Bookmark this space, loads more updates coming soon! 

The 'CitiGirl' is on the Scene...

- Sunisha 

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