The Secret to Wearing Lehengas...

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Here in the UK the Lehenga, (a long skirt + blouse & scarf combination) is a seriously forgotten item of clothing.  Personally I think here in the UK we live under the idea, that a Lehengha is a traditional item of Indian clothing that is reserved only for Brides & Bollywood Stars. I however completely disagree!

It seems to me that young women here never really consider wearing a Lehenga to a Wedding Reception, Engagement, Sangeet Night or Mehndi, when you absolutely should. I'm going to try to remedy that and help you not only see the beauty in wearing a Lehenga but also help you feel more confident in taking a risk to actually wear one!

I think the record needs to be set straight a little, a Lehengha is not only worn by Brides! In fact over in the East, it is considered a regular evening wear outfit of choice by girls and women of all ages!

I think there are a few simple steps and rules to wearing a Lehenga and getting those right is the best way to make sure that you feel confident in wearing one...

The Rules

Rule 1: Echoing the famous words- Less is ALWAYS more when wearing a Lehenga… 

Rule 2: Make sure you choose the right shape of Lehenga, whether it be fishtail, A-Shape, Full   
             Circle, know what style suits you best...

Rule 3: Know that there are different way to wear a Duputta/Chunni (scarf) and make sure you 
             choose a style that suits the Lehenga best but also makes you feel comfortable...

Rule 4: Don't be afraid of wearing a short Blouse, for some strange unknown reason we are happy to 
             wear short blouse with a 'sari' but not with a Lehenga, essentially a sari and a Lehenga are 
             very similar, why not transform your Lehenga to look like a sari by draping your Duputta 
             across the front of the Lehenga?!

Rule 5: Choose the right style and the amount of accessories , if the Lehenga is quite heavy 
             don't over do it with the accessories, if the work is quite traditional for example keep the 
             jewellery rustic too, maybe try something as simple as a maang tikka!

Rule 6: Know that different types of embroidery work will have different types of effects on a 
             Lehenga, by that I mean for example a heavy stone encrusted Lehenga will look more 
             Bridal, but a simple Lehenga with Gota Work will look fun and effortlessly youthful and 
             not at all Bridal...

These lehengas are fun and striking and use embroidery work that is stunning 

This coral Amrita Thakur and gold and turquoise Arpita Mehta creation demonstrates Rule number 1 & 6 perfectly Gota Work for example just looks so simple and charming on a simple silhouette 

The key is in how you drape that Duputta, try wrapping it around like in the pictures above to create the illusion of a sari whilst still allowing those beautiful blouses to shine through


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