Statement Jewellery: Bangles 101

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

I'm back, I promise! I've been up and down with my posts lately but I've been working on an exciting new project, which hopefully you'll be seeing soon! 

But lets get back to the topic at hand, I've been wanting to dedicate a post to accessories and in particular statement accessories especially with Indian Wear for a while. Sometimes we can get so stuck in what we are expected to wear that we forget to be a bit daring and try to mix things up! So bearing this in mind todays post is dedicated to Bangles! 

As we all know when dressing up to go to a function, not accessoring your outfit is practically a cardinal sin! Indian heritage is so rich and vast in its offering that not putting ANY accessories on is essentially an insult! I love changing up my accessories and trying to accessorise in ways unexpected, and choorian are no exception. As a child I loved chooria, I would sit there for hours playing with all the different colours and coming up with varying symmetrical patterns and matching colours to go with outfits and lets be honest I'm not alone in this! But the time has come to give them an update, no longer are we thinking simple pattern stacking were talking mixing patterns, colours, shapes and sizes of bangles were talking Statement Bangles.

Now you may be thinking well, what exactly do you mean and how exactly go about doing this?! Well here are my key Style Tips for updating your Bangles:
  • Statement Cuffs: These are the simplest way to give your accessories an update, one cuff can give an outfit a new dimension, if your feeling confident why not try stacking multiple statement cuffs. Design wise they can be as simple or as quirky as you like but often to give the cuff effect try to be a little more daring and try a design that stands out. Sometimes wearing less accessories leaves more effect and with Indian Wear it can be a nice contrast to put something on that you wouldn't think would go with the look, for example the stack of big chunky bangles with the stunning Gaurang Shah Lehenga is not the most obvious choice but the layered effect looks stunning! 
  • Mix Shapes and Sizes: Try mixing large and chunky bangles and cuffs to give a layered and carefree look, adding a textured cuff, like the bell encrusted number below to the mix is an easy way to look effortless, on trend and add some different textures to the look 
  • Mix Colours: The traditional way to were choorian are of course to find matching sets that are a perfect colour match! To mix things up stick to one key colour thats in your outfit and use this as the main base colour then try to mix the colour range by contrasting with other bangle colours that are not in your outfit or have only hints of colour in your outfit, by doing this your giving your outfit a whole new look...
  • Go Back to Basics: The simple fabric woven bangles are a great way to create a stacked bangle look with texture, traditional stacked choorian can look uniform whereas mixing up the colours and textures keeps things looking fresh!
  • Go Dainty: If you want an understated and simple look go for a dainty small selection of beautifully crafted bangles, these will give you the same impact as a large and funky stack but will have the added edge of classic elegance. 

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