How to Wear Statement Necklaces with Indian Wear...

Thursday, 13 March 2014

My last post was dedicated to statement bracelets and this week were going to look at how to mix statement necklaces with indian wear!! Now believe it or not wearing big statement-ish necklaces with Indian clothes has been around for decades, but theres a new way to accessorise your indian wear. Now some of you guys in the east may be more familiar with mixing more western style statement necklaces with indian outfits but here in the UK its not something that I see all too often! Now the concept of wearing a statement necklace is essentially the same, when you have a single tone or fairly simple outfit lets say, a dark green based anarkali with hints of burnt orange and reds  to contrast pairing this simple silhouette with a chunky and long rustic gold or even burnt orange multi-strand necklace is a great way to add a touch of glamour to a fairly simple outfit without it looking over the top 

In the west when we pair jewellery with suits and saris and we tend to, in my opinion , think a little inside the box, we go for a fairly simple chocker style necklace style, very rarely have I seen long to medium length draped necklaces with indian outfits. 

So I wanted to share with you guys a few simple tips and inspirational ideas so that you can try it out or yourself! I first came across this styling idea when I had a pre-wedding party to go to and I was asking one of my dearest of friends for advice, she was like 'have you got a longish type necklace to go with this, it will look fabulous?' and when she asked I just looked a little confused and she looked at me like 'whaaatt?!' and I honestly just couldn't fathom mixing what seemed to me like two very independent types of clothing with what I considered westernised jewellery. But I went and dug up my very unorganised stack of necklaces and lo and behold she was right - I was gob smacked, it worked and couldn't BELIEVE I hadn't mixed this style before! 

Now its my go-to look whenever I feel like changing things up, read on for my key styling tips: 

  • Tip One: Always choose a chunky necklace, and I'm aware that sounds obvious considering its a post dedicated to 'statement' necklaces but dainty necklaces won't do the trick here. It has to be noticeable!
  • Tip Two: Colour - colour in statement necklaces always looks fab, but your not going to want to start  clashing different tones! My advise would be to pick on main colour from the indian suit/sari and run with that... 
  • Tip Three: Layering/Multi-Layer necklaces: Layering necklaces or choosing multi strand designs are an easy way to wear a statement necklace with indian wear, they give this interesting contrast with the traditional or even modernity of indian clothes. I especially love the mix of enamel stones which we typically would pair with western wear, with the contrast of indian wear. 
  • Tip Four: Pendants/ Medallions: don't be afraid of large hanging pendants, like the one shown in the    pictures below wearing the icy blue and red sari. This is often the feature point of the necklace so its the accentuating part! It also adds a rustic regal touch but if your not quite sure, start of with something a little smaller, but like I said in Tip One Chunky is the way to go here! 


  1. Great post City-Girl!
    Through accessories make you stand out your style. I wish i just find a awesome place for shop women brands in India.

    1. Hi Lavanya

      Thank You for your lovely comment! And Exactly accessories can make or break an outfit really - the key is just to find the right accessories!

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