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Sunday, 14 September 2014

Once in a while a new wave of thinking comes along and revolutionises the way we see and think about things, I suppose that seems to dramatise things a bit! But honestly what I want to talk to you about today will challenge the way you think about Lehenga's - yes that right Lehengas!

Now just stay with me a minute I've not completely lost the plot yet! (My mother would probably argue otherwise!) and all will become clear! After a busy and magnificent fashion week and many many fashionable moments there was one  big trend and styling tip that I think should be taken away from all this! A trend that I genuinally believe is here to stay and that of course is High Waisted Lehengas now I know its not the most obvious thing to have taken away from Fashion Week but for me it revolutionised and challenged the way I thought about myself and how I dress in order to flatter my body shape!

For years and years stylists and well anybody who has anything to say about how we should dress has been banging on for years that we should dress for our body shape and that we should wear things that suits our individual bodies and styles and with the help of the fashion gods were starting to see that reflected in garments appearing on the runways!

Long gone are the days of unflattering and unconfident feeling women wearing Lehengas endlessly wishing their bodies maybe looked a certain way or had a little less of that or a little more of that! We've all been there I'm sure, so your not alone ladies! It's completely normal and we have to appreciate that every single human being is differnt and that we've got to love the body shape that we have and learn how best to dress the body shape we have! That's Rule No.1 for Life too ladies! 

Lehenga's are historically worn draped on the hips or maybe just above but definitely draped round the mid to lower half of your body! Now culturally and I say culturally because I know that not everyone follows this pattern, but culturally tradition has lent towards the idea that Indian Women have more curvaceous figures, so we lean towards the hourglass shapes, so we tend to have slender waists and wider hips. Like I said this isn't true for everyone! But taking that into account why then have we been for years highlighting the wider areas of our body and not the more slender areas?!

But thaks to creative genius Anju Modi and Sabyasachi Mukherjee  who demonstrate perfectly (I mean lets be honest - don't they always!) you'll get to see exactly how much more flattering it is too highlight your waist instead of your hips! By hanging your Lehenga on your waist you skim over the lower areas of your body creating an illusion and silhouette with your body. Similar to the concept of contouring with makeup I suppose, using makeup to highlight specific areas of your face - the concept is exactly the same here! 


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