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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Masaba Gupta is a name that by now you must have heard of! If not, where on earth have you been?! Not only is she one the of the freshest talents to hit the Indian fashion scene but she is also one hell of a business women as she is continually expanding and pushing the boundaries with her work. At the young age of 25  she has achieved a tremendous amount and seems quite frankly unstoppable.

Her unique and modern take on Indian and Western Fashion is a breath of fresh air, and you know the mark of true and legendary designer when you can think of them and know exactly what their trademark quirk is and Masaba is one of those brands. 

She has launched her own label Masaba but is also creative director of luxury brand Satya Paul both labels infamous for heir incredible saris and ready to wear clothes, I'm personally coveting a many number of her saris! Both brands are synonymous with Masaba's love for bold and quirky prints and is known by all those who love and know her work for making them look effortlessly wearable. 

Now the reason I wanted to dedicate an entire post to her was not only to simply boast about her incredible talent as a designer but to introduce to a brand that will revolutionise the way that you think about your average outfit and especially your sari's! 

You know that feeling you get when you just want to wear something stand out and completely different, something that you haven't seen done a thousand times over, then Masaba is your go to girl, paired with her reasonable prices she's the answer to all your dilemmas. Her saris have been seen on the likes of fashionista Sonam Kapoor, Soha Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, and are such a breath of fresh air. Her unusual outlook and colour palettes create such magic when worn, so if your looking to have at least one investment piece that is nothing at all like the rest of your wardrobe then I would say invest in one of these beauties just as would a timeless handbag! 

This sari is a personal favourite!  

Sonam Kapoor wearing Satya Paul by Masaba Gupta  

The designer herself wearing one of her own creations, showing flawless her creations look!  


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    1. Thank You Stylista for you lovely comment! - I love your website, so many fabulous pieces its hard to choose my favourites! Do you guys have an email address? I would to get some more information about you guys?!


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